EGGS! And, a few other things.

It has been a while since I have felt inspired to write. I have at least 5 posts started, but none of them are complete. Much has gone on since my last published post. I recently moved to Rochester and I have been settling into my new surroundings. I am slowly getting used to this new living and cooking space. I am also orienting myself to the City of Rochester and finding new places to shop and explore. Then, I totaled my car. Which actually worked out in a relatively good way. That being said, I am happy, healthy and ready to write and share again.

EGGS! I live super close to the Brighton Farms Market. It is relatively small compared to the Rochester Public Market, but the quality of the vendors is undeniable. The Brighton Market deserves its own write-up (future post) in order to really do it justice. My favorite purchase so far was suggested by my friend, Amy. It is the eggs from Fisher Hill Farm in Bristol, NY. They are a thing of beauty. I have grown so used to eggs that look and taste a certain way, that it was actually a bit shocking when I first cracked one open. Just picking one up felt different. There is a density and weight to them that I noticed instantly. When I cracked it open, it was beautiful. The yolk was larger than other eggs I have had. The color of the yolk had a glow or vibrancy that seemed like it was almost fake. And the flavor has a depth and richness that was completely unexpected. The cost of the eggs is also awesome. You can get 2 dozen medium eggs for $5 and they are huge! They are sized more like the large eggs you buy at Wegmans.

Today’s haul from the market; 2 dozen large eggs, some organic sweet onions, organic tomatoes, and organic swiss chard.


Inspired by my finds, I made a 3 egg omelet with blanched chard, tomatoes, artichoke hearts, chopped onion greens, and goat cheese. Add a slice of thick cut raisin fennel toast from Flour City Bread and a cup of Fuego Coffee that I bought at the market and breakfast is served!

Please feel free to share any thoughts, ideas or inspiration.