About #Foodislove

#foodislove may seem like something simple. It’s not. There are several reasons for the creation of this space, and I will do my best to explain. It has taken years of different influences and experiences to get me here. I believe that now, with full awareness around why, is the right time for this idea to exist.

So, why? The main reason is to share my love of food (beer & wine 😉), and the significance of those things. I don’t just love food because I love to eat it (I do love to eat!). It’s also because I love to cook and prepare food as a way of expressing my love for people. I love learning how different cultures create and use food as a way to connect, share space, and love.

In my family food is an important part of how we connect. I have vivid memories of family dinners at my grandmother’s house growing up. Family dinners were all about connecting and enjoying time together. I remember playing Superman with my uncle and wearing my grandmother’s cardigan as a cape. I remember whiffle ball games in the yard and hitting “home runs” into the grapes. I remember learning how to make gnocchi and rolling the little potato balls into shape. I remember sweating around the tiny kitchen table in the equally tiny kitchen hoping to get an ice cube in my little orange plastic cup. I could go on and on…! My extended family also owns pizza shops that I worked in during high school and college. Pizza and dough are in my DNA.

Food is a basic need. So is love and connection. Without love and connection, we don’t feel safe. Without feeling safe we cannot thrive and grow as human beings. This blog will serve a place for me to explore all aspects of food and love. My main goal is to create a space that represents who I am and how food, love, and connection are vital pieces to all of us as interconnected humans with the same basic needs! My plan moving forward is to share my love and passion around the foods I am interested in. I will also share my experiences when I prepare meals (new and old) and any other good food I bump into along the way.

Warning: I am a little bit scattered, impulsive and impatient and I expect the feel of this space to be somewhat similar. And, I am still learning how to refine my writing, so please forgive my grammar/tense gaffs.

sunrise poof
Sunrise on Source Lake, Algonquin Park, Canada

A few more things about me. I love photography (HDR, landscapes, sunsets, sunrises, high speed). I will probably share some of that in here too. I enjoy spending time with my daughters (Gabi and Caroline), trail running, hiking, golfing, reading, playing the drums, finding new music and TV shows. For my day job, I am a teacher and I love learning about learning. I consider myself to be a progressively-minded educator. One dream I have is to create a school that focuses on what is best for kids and centers around social-emotional health and metacognition.

Feel free to ask questions and to contribute. The real power of creating this space to find an interconnected community that wants to learn and share together!