Faro’s Eggplant Parm Sub

I stumbled onto this sub a few years ago and I tell anyone who will listen to me about it. Faro’s Pizzeria is a locally owned pizza shop on South Main St. in Canandaigua. The owner, Faro, makes an excellent thin crust NYC style pie and he is a super nice guy. I love the small town feel when I am greeted by name as I walk in. When he isn’t too busy we talk shop and I share stories from when I managed my cousin’s shop in college. He also serves one of my favorite subs EVER!

I am a sucker for good eggplant. I am also a sucker for a good hot sub. This is both! There are so many things I love about this sub. It’s served open face and it’s so big they have to put it in a medium pizza box. The cost is so ridiculously reasonable. With tax, it’s $8 and change and I can eat this thing for 3 days, no joke!

It’s always cooked to perfection. It’s hard to make a hot sub and get it just right. There are lots of variables that can impact the overall quality and taste. Too much sauce and it’s mushy, too much cheese and you can’t taste the eggplant, overcooked and it you get that charred flavor. I have yet to get a sub that has any of those issues.

If you are in Canandaigua and you are looking for a great hot sub to share with a friend or to eat for a few days, I would highly recommend this sub. And, while I am recommending things, Faro’s also has calzones that are delicious, huge and reasonably priced!

Side note: I stopped in to grab a pizza the other day. Faro knows I love the eggplant parm sub, so he offered to make me a pizza with eggplant on it. Looks like my next pizza will be an eggplant parm special!!


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