Benny’s Breakfast Bowl

I love breakfast! It’s probably my favorite meal. Well, I like all meals. I guess I am a little hobbit-like about meals. Anyway, my brother Ben made this delicious breakfast bowl of goodness for me and since then I continue to make different versions. It’s really quite simple. It’s a bowl of sauteed vegetables and a smaller sized potato cooked in the microwave. It is all served in a bowl with an egg on top. The ingredients vary depending on what’s in the fridge. Everything is cooked in a well-seasoned cast iron skillet.

First, I get the skillet up to temp. I usually keep the burner on medium-low. For this version, I used eggplant, sweet onion, grape tomatoes, and mushrooms. I add the ingredients to the skillet based on how long each vegetable needs to cook. I start by cooking one strip of bacon. The bacon is thicker cut and from a local farm called Bostrum Farms in Stanley, NY (Bostrum Farms and bacon will separate posts).

I wipe out the skillet and remove some, not all, of the bacon grease before add adding a little organic canola oil to the skillet and let it get hot. The onion and the eggplant go in first. Eggplant will absorb quite a bit of oil so I will add a small amount of olive oil as needed. After the onion and eggplant have softened a bit (about 3 minutes) I add the mushrooms for another 2 minutes and finally the tomatoes. I let everything cook together for another 2 to 3 minutes and I add a little salt and pepper. I transfer all of the cooked vegetables to a bowl. I crumble some cut cheddar cheese and the bacon on top of the veggies. I love to use Trader Joe’s Unexpected Cheddar. It is reasonably priced and has amazing flavor!

When the veggies are done, I gently wipe the skillet and spray a little cooking spray, then I add the egg. Personally like the egg to be cooked “over easy”, so I flip the egg after a minute or so and immediately remove the skillet from the stove. The skillet holds the heat for a long time so it doesn’t need much time to cook. I top the bowl with the egg and it’s done.

I like to add ketchup and hot sauce for more flavor. I will sometimes add fresh sliced avocado to the bowl when I have it on hand.

Serve and enjoy!

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